Mad Mad World

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           World Mental Health Day

                10th October 2014


Mad mad world – Crazy crazy planet

Okay sure I got a problem, that makes me blue

But I am not alone – that much is true

But nobody listens and they can’t see

They don’t know what it’s like to be me

Daybreak shines and it comes all too soon

The night invades and plunges me into gloom

Don’t want to be on medication forever more

Just wish to walk tall and proud out the door

Mad mad world - what can I say

Mad mad world - show me the way


Mad mad world – Crazy crazy planet

I realise that some folks understand

That life doesn’t always go as planned

Sometimes I can’t take much more

They say it affects – one in four

The stigma is real and it cuts like a knife

It causes a lot of trouble and strife

Finally it’s good to get some recognition

To highlight this disabling condition

No need to kneel and pray or say amen

World Mental Health Day – October 10

Mad mad world - what can I say

Mad mad world - show me the way


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 12th Oct 2014 23:32

Laughter can indeed be the best medicine for many
I too have worked with the mentally ill, often
in public when unpredictability is the essence
of its darker side. I was once attacked from behind without warning or cause when returning from a visit to the local leisure centre.
Fortunately, the bag wielded by my unknown assailant contained nothing dangerously hard.
Together with witnesses, I watched as my attacker
sauntered away without a backward glance or any
effort to speak to the target of her assault.
It is this "unknown" and "unsought" that stirs up
the fears in others less familiar with its
various, sometimes unexpected and uninvited manifestations.
Carry on with the good work.

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Tom Doolan

Sun 12th Oct 2014 19:48

Hi Mc - Thanks for your feedback. I work in mental health & am trying to raise awareness & challenge stigma by taking a global view. also inject some humour. laughter is good medicine lol. Tom :)

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 11th Oct 2014 15:36

How can you be mad if you can discuss it?
It's a long way from being so when lines like
these can be written.
Keep taking the tablets. We are with you in
that respect, each to our own as we saunter or
stumble though this life.

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Tom Doolan

Fri 10th Oct 2014 19:04

Hi Daniel - Thanks for your positive comments & feedback. Tom :-)

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Ged the Poet

Thu 9th Oct 2014 21:55

Serious subject. Lyrically perfect. The poem is a great eye opener.
Thanks for sharing and letting us know about October 10th Tom.

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