Magic spun
that long weekend in the sun
Walled in by barking mad
hip-hop slinging
fairy lighted
sprightly spun
oak aged treetop conductors of fun.
The grass we lay upon
be our blanket
The songs we sung
Need no rhythm. Rhyme       nor reason
As rules are broken 
and hedonism reigns all.
Tranquil, serene, only to be seen by eyes who wish to dive into your big round belly
swirling sumptuous 
you tempting mistress
envelop me in your waters
pour over me all that glitters
and lets dance with swallows
and cackle with the crows 
shower under the ash flecked raindrops
burning embers flicker like fireflies
How time flies 
it races and paces past punters who shunt 
this freedom 
a chasm only for the unchained
No time frame to climb along
Batteries not included
Just monkey bars this duracell bunny will surely in time ungracefully fall from
Surreptitiously the sun slinks away
Shaking her hips
like your very first date 
(They’ve got you hooked
But you don’t know when they’ll be back)
As it’s time for the mac party
The jack in the pack party 
The sodden thunder clapping, rain tip tapping, wet back slapping, no time for napping, as british as your eggs and bacon, let the heavens open, well you know the crack party...
To rinse you of your daily grind
Or the bricks and mortar that bind you together 
But just for now it seems much simpler 
to tenaciously tent
and substitute cider for water
and stay up that little too late
when you know you ought to
Because to play isn’t just for the children of today
For the younger years when you scrape, and bruise, and scream, and giggle, and pick and lick, and dive and jump and splash 
When you question not, how long this will last
Or intellectualize your pain
To play is for the everyman
You golden oldies
You milkshake makers
And everyone in between
Create your own crayola kingdom 
Find your king or your dancing queen
Tickle the taste buds 
‘Cause it should taste this good 
Under the pink lemonade sky 
Play away your days
Melt into a multitude of magic moments
And always question why
Life isn’t one big festival?
Because it should be
But with cheaper beer...

Festivalfreedomfunthe wild

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