Nero to Zero


I’m sat in Nero
My mac is absent
But I have tortoise shell specs 
Coffee cups
A pen and pad
Filled with nothing but endless to do lists
Productivity promises
And I’ve just finished a tub of hummus
I think I qualify right?

A wispy voiced limp haired Lolita soundtracks this cliche 
As overpriced
Over spiced
Panini, chai’s and muffin tops
Plonk and plop
On marble topped tables 

I sit passive and pondering
Attempting sincerity in the murky waters of my caffeinated pretentious charade
Instead I discard
this affectation
This fornication with the ideal
And spiel off reams of blank film roll
Faceless and void 
And hum to the unwritten melody of the melancholic tune 
Which charts my obvious wasted talent

“I’m writing a play you know”
“Oh cool” I say
Some hipster with docs purchased from Ebay 
Cost that little bit more
Cause someone wore them once 
at that gig
of that band
that are so underground
they don’t even make a sound
Rich kids dressing like they’re poor
Doherty had it right
“Didn’t I see you down Chelsea last night?”

Ripped jeans
Ripped dreams
Broken at the seams
This playful paradigm
Where nothing’s as it seems
You sweaty betty’d, yogi, smoothie, yummy mummy, poodle preened princess
You hipster, scenester, big lipped preenster
It costs a lot to look this shit
Like you’ve just walked out a dumpster

But I’m a zero in Nero
An unspoken hero
A bobbing head gasping for breath
In this London mess
This London playground
Where everybody wants to be somebody
Or be a somebody everybody wants to know
Clutching at straws 
To drink
And think
You’ve found the answer
To a question you haven’t asked
Bullish and brutal
Nice guys finish last

My cup is empty 
Tic like coffee grains tell me time is ticking on
And the London sun 
Glints on my glasses
Until next time
Until tomorrow
There’ll always be hummus
And there’ll always be coffee



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Edie Hope

Sun 24th Aug 2014 16:44

Thanks for the comments guys! Much appreciated. Encouraging and constructive x

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 24th Aug 2014 12:14

Love it! The poetic skill in developing the minutiae to prod and develop the big social picture is superb. What an eye for detail that drives a theme instead of curbing it, with sharp, raw insight.

I am so glad you've chosen to take part on WOL. And it is fantastic that you are not trying to be 'good' because that would mean that you might be artistically choked by other people's opinions before you ever pick up a pen (so to speak.)

Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Fri 8th Aug 2014 23:46

We totally agree with Solar.Why this poem has'nt had the amount of comments it deserves,is surprising.Pure brilliance.xx

Rose Casserley

Fri 8th Aug 2014 22:57

even to say this poem is fantastic,would belittle it.Excellent,excellent piece.x

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