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Cigarettes placed neatly on the table
An apartment's chaos now firmly removed
A stillness in the air, no sense of urgency
If he could see her now, he'd surely disapprove.

A smile creeps across her beaten face
Her beauty hidden behind a lifetime of abuse
In that moment she made peace with her decision
She knew that she had nothing left to lose.

In her hand she held a picture of her daughter
The child that she was going to leave behind
She hoped that she'd be able to forgive her
That she was better off without her in her life.

Mind wandering through the trials of her past
Each horror led her to this time and place
She took a final glance down at her daughter
Placed a gentle kiss upon her face.

She took a breath and stepped upon the table
Gently placed the noose over her head
Her eyes released her final tears in sadness
In whispered tones she spoke aloud and pled.

Dear God I've tried my best but I have nothing
No strength to fight the demons deep within
Please accept me home to be an angel
Release me from the pain that I am in.

She took her final step and in that moment
The demons they were banished from her soul
Eternal peace was granted to this angel
God etched her name in gold upon his scroll.


** This poem is dedicated to my beautiful aunt. A tortured soul who deserved much more from this world. May she forever rest in peace.


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Preeti Sinha

Sat 16th Aug 2014 05:54

Hi Helen,

I can understand your pain. My uncle too took his life without any explanations. No note, nothing. I'm still grieving.

Beautifully written. Time may be able to dull than pain a little :)

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Andy N

Fri 15th Aug 2014 12:48

very moving, helen. brought a lump to my throat

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Rose Casserley

Fri 8th Aug 2014 10:27

Helen,my deepest sympathy goes to you and your beautiful Aunt.

My praises for this most deserving dedication
beyond any doubt she is in eternal peace.x

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