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Swept away by these waves of confusion,

Iam now stranded in the island of chaos.

Just yesterday I was dreamily looking into the horizon;

Peacefully sailing in my boat of bliss.

I didn't see that big wave coming,

I didn't hear the roar of thunder,

I couldn't smell the storm.


And now Iam all alone in this strange wilderness;

I see no light,I can feel no life.

Which way should I go?

Where do I seek shelter?

I was too busy dwelling on yesterdays;

That I didn't prepare myself for today.

I go deeper into the darkness that seems to swallow me.

Scared,alone,franctic,tired and on the verge of giving up...

I see a light not so far away,a dwelling place,a city.

A rush of hope and joy flood my being,

Just when I felt that all was lost;

I face a new world.

Uncertain of what awaits me at the end of that light,

I carry on with renewed strength and hope I can still make it home.


◄ Love Is No FairyTale



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