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Love Is No FairyTale

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Why isn't love like those in movies and books?
Like the fairy tale happily Ever Afters.
Where the prince says I Love You and the princess says I do too.
And that’s the beginning of all their dreams come true.
In real life, it takes more than just words;
More than some stolen glances.
You try and try but it may not work.
And somehow you don’t really know why.
What was once enough may no longer be.
You just have to be prepared.
For what is today may no longer be tomorrow;
You just have to hope and pray.
And even then your prayers will go unanswered,
Your hope will crush and turn to dust.
One thing reality does teach you is that love alone is not enough.
You need to toil and toil you must;
Everyday of your life.
For loving is an endless affair and if you do not care;
You will but watch it die right in front of your eyes.

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Fri 29th Nov 2013 16:36

tnx ged :)

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Ged Thompson

Sun 24th Nov 2013 00:18

Well done, really nice piece,and very true X

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Wed 23rd Oct 2013 16:13

i do agree strongly!! :)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 21st Oct 2013 13:27

Expressing new-found wisdoms in verse is a time-proven exercise of truly thoughtful persons - since forever.

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