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Here's to all Performing Ranters

The whoopers', and the waving panters

Stuff academics licking asses

Scowling through rose-tinted glasses


Before I get my recompense

What is a 'Poet in Residence'?

A girl who writes

Lives in a tent

Is she a  'Poet With Intent'?


Let's have a workshop.

Make a bid

Then charge the punters all five quid

Liquid lunch and slap on back

Paid by the funding you now lack


Clever prose and written arts

It's for us all, not just 'Old Farts'

And now I've got you in a strop

You can always dissect 'Adelstrop'


So don't send writers straight to hell

When words are wrong or they can't spell

Not everyone in our proud nation

Had access to great education


From Kipling, Wordsworth, Browning, Keats

To Speaker's Corner, Salford's Streets

Poets always leave their mark

Like Digance, Ayres and Cooper-Clarke


Some use words that should be banned

Yet write in ways we understand

So it may enhance your verbal spectrum

To take your head out from your rectum


First footsteps lead to many miles

There's room enough for diverse styles

Write without fear and please be proud

Just be yourself on 'Write out Loud'


Some of this is tongue in cheek

Long lost my paddle up shit creek

Steel helmet on and match on fire

Light blue-touch paper.... and retire!


So here's to all Performing Ranters

The whoopers', and the waving panters

Beware of those 'rose tinted' glasses

The written word is for the masses


(c) Daniel Dwyran

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Shirley-Anne Kennedy

Fri 5th Sep 2014 12:16

I am also a fan of the spirit of this poem. Especially the funding quip ;D

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Ged the Poet

Wed 16th Jul 2014 20:00

Harry- You have great humour yourself and because of this it really means a lot to me that you rate it.

Bel- It's great when a singer/songwriter likes the spirit of it.
I thank you both.

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Bel Blue

Wed 16th Jul 2014 08:54

Well said Daniel, like the spirit of this poem. we have a Night called Rhyme and Real Ale in Cardiff, where all our welcome, all are equal.

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Harry O'Neill

Tue 15th Jul 2014 21:54

Witty - man - witty!

And how much more of a `punch` that excellent rhyming gives to it.

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Ged the Poet

Tue 15th Jul 2014 12:27

I tried to get the irony across of those looking through the said 'rose tints' that everything was rosy.. yet their inner thoughts were contrary to what they wanted to portray for the sake of their own image, and the dislike of some popular lyric and perfomance poetry.
I see what you mean though Ray. No problem.

Thanks Helen and Ray for your kind comments. Appreciated.

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