remembering the terrible lizard

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remembering the terrible lizard

my blood is ink
my words the beating heart
a page of skin
tattooed  stories
etched upon it

my vinyl soul
each hiss and crackle
pop and scratch
a wrinkle on the face
of times gone past

my music cries
with fuzz guitars
and thunder drums
cacophony of chaos

my world is dark
each pinprick light
a star to gaze upon
and wonder at the
brightness of it all

a comet tail
blazing fire
across the sky
explodes on impact
and I die

you will find me
dressed as fossils
mysterious thing
from ages past
just sleeping

then you catalogue
on shiny tablets
not gouged
into the rock

clean and digital
not dirty fucking

bright young things
see dead dust
and hear the analogue
voice of dinosaurs


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<Deleted User> (11518)

Fri 25th Apr 2014 16:44

Wonderfully refreshing. I loved your expressions. Vinyl soul everything clean and digital. This laid visions of blurred reels of the past. A sad and in depth write. Wonderful. Ty

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