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Quoth Both


My daughter brought a Jackdaw in the house

And grief introduced itself


Melancholic and wounded

It hunched in the corner of the room

She fed him her loving eyes

Bread in tweezers

And named him Poe


Then this sanctuary

Took him

She phoned every night

He was mending well and with the magpies...

He was in the biggest aviary...

He was set free.

But we never saw that.


And forever after

We imagined

We willed

We wanted

Each feathered shadow on the school run

To be him again

Watching us

Guarding us


We talked of the unease

From the unsolved

And I resolved to salve-

'When I am gone, I'll be all of them birds

I won't ever really leave you.

I'll watch over you

Tending to your path; like Poe does with us.'



On our way 

Every wing




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Cathy Crabb

Thu 17th Apr 2014 10:40

Thanks Isobel xx I tried all night to get this photo to post on here but twitter and flckr have it tethered to them.

It was creepy, but I have heard that jackdaws revisit people who have looked after them so it is plausable he watches us. I hope so.

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Thu 17th Apr 2014 09:18

This is lovely Cathy - so many lovely touches to it.

She fed him her loving eyes
Bread in tweezers
And named him Poe

Funnily enough I've written one about my daughter trying to save a bird so I can totally empathise with all the anxieties. I love the way your poem leads on to something else altogether.

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