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Thread That Binds

Thread That Binds

While I walk down the middle of the icy road by the park in the snow, I wonder how many hearts were broken on that Baltic night. 9k dead, each a family member, husband, wife, son, daughter.

In my minds eye, I see the Captain standing on the tilting side of his ship, the Gustloff. Fire axe in hand, he tries in vain to shatter safety glass on the viewing deck. Many people are on the verge of drowning or freezing to death in the cold water. His futile taps on the glass are for nothing but at least he tried.

How many who died were related to people who murdered Jews or butchered Russian civilians over the preceding years? When it’s the Devil’s actions, all are guilty and must die in a war of Armageddon. Hell is getting mighty fucking crowded! Thread that binds is broken now, lies at the bottom of the Baltic. War is so wrong.

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