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the air is crackling
with anticipation
a gentle breeze
of humid ghosts
dances through
the open door

thunder rolls
and tumbles
like an epileptic
across the muddy

a still foreboding
settles here amidst a
Tuesday clutter
of unfinished tasks
to watch the growling
climax of the sky

and when it comes
it splashes dark
from the bullet drop
that impacts hard
a machine gun epitaph
upon the dusty path

another - then another
until the ground
is riddled with
a baptism to cleanse
the baking soul
of summer

electric stormrainthunderforeboding. deluge

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Fri 17th Jan 2014 22:41

You might call it atmospheric!

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Wed 15th Jan 2014 11:00

Brilliant stuff Mr. Whiteley.

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