Christmas Wrap

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Yo hear me now; yo lissen hear

It’s time to wrap dis time o year

So all yo sisters an yong bloodz

Spread de word ararnd yo hudz

So trolleys up an baggies darn

An turn dat Burby cap ararn

An wrap

Ye wrap


An all dem Aldiz an best dealz

Gimme what yo got fo realz

Scent fo sis, dem socks fo bro

An Advoca fo ma fo sho. Yo!

Check out yo knowin which is which

Don’t give ma prezziz fo yo bitch

Coz fo dat lady dat yo bone

Its KY Gel an Toblerone.

And wrap

Gotta wrap


Yo playerz gotta still keep playin

Wi one mo deal to see the day in

Check it out fo size an shape

Wi scisserz and some sellotape

Make it neat coz ma’s to see it

Fresh is ow bro likes his shee-it

Den write yo lines upon dat tag

An pop it in yo prezzie bag.


Yo’ve wrapped

Ye wrapped

Any sugared almonds left, Clementine?

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John Coopey

Sun 29th Dec 2013 17:42

My subtlety didn't fool you then, Steve. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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Steve Higgins

Sun 29th Dec 2013 11:31

Wrap -rap -Hey, I've just got it! Great one dude . .

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John Coopey

Fri 27th Dec 2013 17:06

Yo jivin me, ma man, MC?

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 27th Dec 2013 15:05

Hey brudda - dem lines is a riot
One day dis guy might even try it.
An' go in for de gangsta rap
If some bro hands me shit for crap!

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