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A week in Lanzarote has brought it home to me how much I miss having the kids on holiday with us.

Not as they are now.  Christ, no! but when they were children.

I get a recurring picture in my mind of the four of us lugging our cases – me with the big, big one, Judy with the little, big one, Sarah with the big, little one and Samantha with the little, little one.

We looked like a train of shrinking elephants.

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John Coopey

Mon 23rd Dec 2013 13:53

Strewf! Me comment were longer than me story.

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John Coopey

Mon 23rd Dec 2013 13:51

Thanks for the comments, girls.
Starfish - Aggie the Elephant is a Marriot Edgar monologue about a train of elephants passing over a level crossing. The last one, baby Aggie, gets hit by the train.

"Joe thought she were dead when he saw her lyin' there,
With the back of her head on the line
He knelt by her side, put his ear to her chest,
And told her to say " ninety-nine."

She waggled her tail and she twiggled her trunk ;
To show him as she were alive;
She hadn't the strength for to say "ninety-nine,"
She just managed a weak "eighty-five."

Poetry indeed.

Isobel - It is rather nice to be free of the kids (once you get used to it). But one drawback is Christmas. Both of ours are spending Christmas Day with their boyfriends' families (it's their turn). So Our Gert and me are off to Le Raj for a 5 courser.

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Mon 23rd Dec 2013 09:42

Well I can't quite empathise with this one yet John, but I'm bloody well looking forward to being able to ;)

That abrupt ending somehow works.

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Mon 23rd Dec 2013 00:59

I can empathise with this one, as can anyone over a certain age i.e. with children of a certain age. Aggie? It's Echo that got me!

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