Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve

the snow fell
so hard and fast
that we thought
the earth had
turned white
and when
we stepped
into the flurry
the lining
of our noses
with the
sudden chill
and our fingers
to make it stop
to give them back
their warm blood

the smell
of cinnamon
and spice
on a draft
pulled from
the open door
for a second
the comfort
and the cold
fought for

a silence
so deep
that deafness
would be
a blessing
a hushed
world had
the once green

we built
a snowman
and gave him
eyes of coal
and left
the rest of his face
this needed seeing
without words
or smells
just sight

when the clock
struck midnight
we retraced
our steps
back to the lodge
where the fire
burned deep crimson
the wood smoked
knots cracked
like imploding stars

the rugs
pulled tight
our frozen legs
as we snuggled
into the blankets
and sipped
from sturdy mugs
of mulled wine.

the night
had been winter
and the day
would be
as a lonely
joyful bell
in the village
to welcome
christmas day

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Andy Ainsworth

Mon 23rd Dec 2013 11:50

A lovely winter poem evoking so many sights, feelings and sounds. I particularly like the knots of wood cracking like imploding stars

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Harry O'Neill

Sat 21st Dec 2013 16:33

Lovely, evocative account of a snowy winter night highlighted bythe comfort of the open door.

(But that maelstrom is too violent for it...and
maybe hushed instead of `dull`)

Sorry for messin`...but it`s good!

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Thu 19th Dec 2013 12:56

A lovely, cosy read.

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Andy N

Thu 19th Dec 2013 12:49

enjoyed this, liked the use of the short lines here. seemed to move the pace along for me. good stuff!

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Laura Taylor

Wed 18th Dec 2013 09:52

Mmm, a lovely evocative poem, with beautiful soundscapes in it. It flows wonderfully.

Should that be a lower case 'i' though, for the 'in the village' line?

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