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There is No Such Thing as Society

Iron Lady

Munchkin cabinet

Yuppie winner

House buyer

Property owner

Falkland's hero

Powerful dictator

Our duty

Look after

One's self

Union destroyer

Tory fighter

Killer Queen

Poll tax

Inner City

Culture riots

Police brutality

Shields overtime

Disperse strikers

Miners fall

Maggie rules

Crushed workers

Labour backbenchers

All agreed

Margaret Thatcher's

Faded ghost

Rises up

Causing conflict

To stir

Bitter unrest

Political mayhem

Stone faced

Ice Maiden

Radical oppression

Legacy cursed

Ding dong

Spell broken

Wicked Witch

Is dead.


Turning back - - - on a time when fat cats got fat

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Profile image

Nigel Astell

Sat 15th Jun 2024 13:39

Thanks for your like Stephen G
and for your comment Martin.

Profile image

Martin Peacock

Fri 14th Jun 2024 07:45

Her toxic legacy still haunts us, doesn't it? Neoliberalism will be our undoing - we're being suffocated by late-stage, disaster capitalism and it all starts with her and her philosophers. Nicely put.

Profile image

John F Keane

Sun 7th Jul 2013 08:03

Love or loathe her, she was (and is) impossible to ignore...

Profile image

M.C. Newberry

Mon 22nd Apr 2013 15:07

Police brutality? I keep seeing the image of a young miner (but was he, I wonder?) launching himself feet first at the unprotected body of a lone constable, apparently heedless of the potential consequences to his target; no doubt just another "uniform" of Thatcher's bully boys sent to stop them doing what they wanted. I wonder what would have happened if our troops had been deployed instead of police and used in the way the National Guard are employed in the Land of the Free across the Atlantic.

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