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Are you that easy to forget?

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Into the bleak after hour
where dreams blend into
hopes that have gone sour
I am one of many, upon rocks
ocean spume that wet your socks.

Why do you walk the shores
with socked feet?

When bare footed symphonies
lift their song in your chest
above outstretched branches of tress
I am one of many grains of sand,
nameless stars cupped in hand.

Will you remember one
that is so easy to forget?

On a rare and moonlit day
while hand in hand we walk'd
I spied your eye had gone astray.
You are one that shines so bright,
streaks of golden rays' delight.

How is it that the tap leaks
loudest when I turn out the light?

Who will lift a goblet full
when all gather round,
for love of an absent fool?
You have gone your own way
While I vanished in the fray.


Some of us have and will come and go at poetry forums and sites, where do we all go and will we even be remembered? We spill our guts and deepest secrets those closest to us don't even know. Then anonymously as we appear we vanish like shooting stars in the night sky, sparks of firecrackers, or smoke from snuffed out cigarettes.



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<Deleted User> (10123)

Wed 6th Feb 2013 11:49

Phantoms that spill and twirl away - cast far by the pull of time - who wrote that? Well, actually, I did. ta muchly, Nick

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