The cat, the damselflies, and the deer

That Google thrill;

seeing your name overtake

drain clearers, garage owners,

estate agents, even playwrights.

Habit had to be fed,

became second nature.

Alarmingly easy. Just change

a location, you’re on to a winner.


Imitation built a growing

reputation; flattery,

offers to publish

a first collection. That

MA in creative writing.

Creative wasn’t the half of it.

And raises the question: just

what did they teach him to do? 


The burglar alarms did ring,

eventually. January

is the cruellest month,

not April. Now

the cat’s out of the bag,

the damselflies have escaped,

and the deer are rampaging

through the forest.

Cat Comp

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Chris Co

Fri 15th Feb 2013 20:11

Intelligent and original.



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Nick Clifton

Wed 13th Feb 2013 08:03

What about us 'sewer operatives?' ta muchly, nick

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Julian (Admin)

Sat 9th Feb 2013 10:07

Hmm, very, very clever. Plagiarist sets off copycat entries. I hope it's original?

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Greg Freeman

Thu 31st Jan 2013 19:55

Thanks for all the comments. Yes, the last three lines refer to two of the four plagiarised poems, Ray, about damselflies and deer.
Good to see you back.

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Yvonne Brunton

Thu 31st Jan 2013 16:48

Super and topical. He may not be on WOL anymore but his legacy is obviously stimulating creativity ( as opposed to his simulating creativity)I love the way you worked good ol' T.S.E.into this. Well done.

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Laura Taylor

Thu 31st Jan 2013 16:22

I love the title alone :D

Enjoyed reading this Greg - some cracking phrases in there

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Ray Miller

Thu 31st Jan 2013 15:06

I know who this is all about, still I don't understand the last 3 lines.Is it a reference to one of "his" poems?

a first collection. That

MA in creative writing.

I'd have thought MA should be ending the first line.

The burglar alarms did ring,

eventually. January

prefer "rang" to "did ring".

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 29th Jan 2013 12:41

Amusing and clever.

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John Coopey

Mon 28th Jan 2013 18:31

Hello Greg,
It gave me paws for thought.
You must miss those headlines!

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Mon 28th Jan 2013 13:10

I love your take on it Greg - very original! And what a cat - more of a puma, I'd say :))

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Greg Freeman

Mon 28th Jan 2013 09:15

Just for fun ... and in the hope that it will inspire a few more entries to Dave's Cat's out of the Bag January WOL competition

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