My Dragon

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My Dragon
A dragon lives beneath my bed, it hides there through the day
It waits until I’m all alone and all the adults gone away
Then at the bottom of the bed, I see its tail, uncoiling round and round
Then some golden wings, a slender neck, as if its coming out the ground
Its eyes are red and its breathing smoke and its teeth are sharp and shiny
When it stands aloft and then puffs out its chest, it makes my bed look tiny
It guards me from the nightmares, ghosts and other ghastly things
It protects me from just anything and good luck it always brings
I don’t know just how, that it fits out, but I ride it out the window
He fly’s so fast that I must hang on and it really makes my hair blow
We fly for hours, travelling the world and having great adventures
When I told my Nan she laughed so much, she nearly choked upon her dentures
But the dragon said that this is just the way, that adults like to act
Because it would scare them silly, if they where to know, that our dragons where a fact
Its only kids and pets and sometimes special adults that are allowed to see them properly
While all the fuddy duddys watch TV and would rather play monopoly
But its not just any boy, that gets to have a dragon, that hides beneath his bed
You must be brave and strong and full of dragon courage, and believe with heart and head
And know that grown ups rules don’t always make things real because science can deceive
The only thing that makes our dragons real, is our courage to believe
Ged Thompson/ Liverpool Poet and Writer

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