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The Latest Craze
Oh fucking hell!, the latest craze.
The Scouse brow look.  Oh happy days!
Big gargantuan caterpillars on orange birds.
Big fluffy things, like hairy turds.
There’s lads who go out at night, chasing beaver.
There getting secret lessons off…. Sigourney Weaver.
Because its like chasing aliens in our town.
They’ve got botox faces that just cant frown.
Lacquered in St Tropez with pierced diamante clits.
Propped up on Manolo Blahnik’s and sporting plastic tits.
The man from Delmonte seen you, and he said “yes!“.
Because you’ve got brows like a pineapple, what a fucking mess!
Glued to TV’s, big brother and Desperate Scouse Wives.
Are our lives so shit we have to worship their lives?
“Fuck getting your own job, I’ll just become a rich wag”
You’ve just swapped your independence, for a Gucci dress tag!
I hope to for Liverpool’s sake, that the next new fashion
Might be….
Self love, Self worth 
and some………..
Ged Thompson/ Liverpool Poet and writer  31/10/12


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Wez Jefferies

Wed 30th Jan 2013 19:33

Really like this one Ged some great comments in there, and I totally argee with your sentiment!

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 27th Jan 2013 09:21

I avoid town Ged- unless I have to...noo I avoid town. Please explain the 'Caterpillar' to me-Tommy

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