Black Sunday

(Ayrton Senna was killed on the 1st May 1994 at the Italian race circuit of Imola. In F1 racing circles the day is known as Black Sunday.)


Hard and fast and foot to the floor

Burning rubber

Spinning wheels

Yellow Helmet, blue car


Flat to the corner and turn the wheel

Down the gears

Off the brakes

Clip the apex

Hold the road


Tamburello to Villeneuve

Tosa to Piratella

Acque Minerali

Variante Alta

Rivazza to Traguardo

And all over again.


Race leader: the others follow in your wake

They’re close behind but never mind:

Listen for the revs

Fourth gear, fifth gear

Sixth gear; brake!


Safety car, slow it down

You’re still the number one

Check the tyres, save the fuel

You can win the race, you fool!


The race is on again

Turn up the power

Yellow helmet, blue car

Two hundred miles per hour


Approaching Tamburello

Accelerating through

Turn the wheel; hold the line, even though the car is slipping

You’re the best; you know that’s true

You can stop the car from skidding


Yellow helmet, blue car

Death on the concrete wall

Red blood, yellow helmet

Dust for a funeral pall


The Champion’s day is over

His time has come to an end.

No one remembers the competition

Just his death on television

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