How brave a poet

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How brave a poet
A snap shot of emotion, now that’s a poem!
Of feelings felt and what once was known
A secret peak through his life’s looking glass
In swirls of joy or……. Mustard gas
Some poems so dark they make you choke
Some make us giggle as though a joke
But all serve one purpose dark or light
Those inner realms they do ignite
They take us back to times of past
And things that once we hoped would last
Or show us hope for things to come
Before our time on earth is done
The poets job is not is not to teach
But to guide you to the thoughts, you, reach
In showing soul, renouncing fear
He lets you know how he got here
He lets you view him, naked, bare
All vulnerabilities, there to share
Now this is courage, never seen
On cinema or TV screen
What a view through a poets kaleidoscope
To see his darkest dreams and thoughts of hope
How brave a poet who dares to show?
His secret thoughts no one should know
How brave a poet who dares to tell?
Of his inner turmoil or private hell
Oh…. How brave a poet, who dare to speak?
To let strangers know he once was weak
Ged Thompson/ Liverpool Poet and Writer 14/01/13

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Pete Slater

Sun 9th Jun 2013 19:29

Pretty much the way I see it Ged. Doesn't seem to mean much if it's not real. I can only write if I feel it, happy, sad, comatose or glad. I sit, I think, I write ..... that's it. Every word a piece of me ... good or bad. Like a mental toilet flush. Love the poem by the way. Will read some more. Didn't realise you were on WOL. Cheers mate.

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Yvonne Brunton

Sun 20th Jan 2013 13:11

good summary of what poets do either consciously or subconsiously.

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Sun 20th Jan 2013 01:37

Nice one Ged.

Keep posting


tony sheridan

Thu 17th Jan 2013 10:23

Another good one Ged! Take care, Tony.

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Thu 17th Jan 2013 10:17

We must all be brave. Poetry kind of grows us in courage as it is a valiant articulation of that which lay ensconced within our bosoms. Thank you for sharing.

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Wed 16th Jan 2013 11:48

love your work

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