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Another cold coffee one stale cigarette
She takes a slow walk to the door
The memories linger, she never forgets
But she knows she can’t stay anymore.
And the passionate dreaming that keeps her alive
Seems cloudy and distant now
She’s finding it hard day by day to survive
But she knows she will anyhow.

It’s just another road Christine
It’s just another forgotten dream
It’s just another path to make
A challenge you can overtake
And if you take your time Christine
The chances are you’ll find your dream
But if you pass me on the way
I’m not objecting if you stay.
Because I still remember ……….

The long summer nights when we saw the sun rise
Those lazy timeless days
The plans that we made and the stars in our eyes
Are memories I can’t erase.
I can’t understand why you had to go
I guess you needed to be free
If your journey leads you back to my door
Then why not spend some time with me.


◄ However it may seem.

The Rapids. ►


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David Blake

Fri 8th Feb 2013 17:07

Very good! I can see the middle stanza would work well as a chorus in a song. Those short but sharp lines would suit one very well.

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Ged Thompson

Mon 24th Dec 2012 01:46

Great stuff, well done

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Anthony Emmerson

Fri 21st Dec 2012 12:09

I agree that this needs the musical treatment - or at least an audio, to be heard/seen at its best. Well done Tony,


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Wed 19th Dec 2012 23:17

In just three stanza's you tell a tale that spans a lifetime. I agree with others that say it should be a song, but I also feel it could be a short story of sorts if you wanted it to be.

Nice wordage Tony.



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M.C. Newberry

Tue 18th Dec 2012 16:04

I agree about its potential as a song, using the A B A (B) format. You repeat the first B as shown ( ) - then insert an instrumental interval before repeating the second A B to close. The word "remember" not only leads on earlier but ALSO serves to FINISH the song in an appealing way. I can hear George Hamilton 1V or Don Williams singing this.

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John Coopey

Mon 17th Dec 2012 22:57

I agree. It would make an excellent song, Tony.
The opening verse reminds me a little of The Eagles, "Lyin' Eyes".

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winston plowes

Mon 17th Dec 2012 20:37

Like this a lot. could be a song maybe. Win

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 17th Dec 2012 20:15

Long overdue Master Sheridan.xx

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Jeff Dawson

Mon 17th Dec 2012 18:55

Great poem Tony and thanx for comment on 'This special place', I still do a bit of fishing, good for chilling out and getting close to nature! Hope to see you soon, next Performance at Cadence is Fri 25 Jan, cheers Jeff

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Steve Higgins

Sun 16th Dec 2012 13:49


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Sun 16th Dec 2012 13:48

Fantastic !!!

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