“Darling! Are you in the bath?”

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“Darling! Are you in the bath? I’m going
down to the chippy. Do you want a couple

of plaice? They were very good last week. Do
you remember? You had a carton of curry with

your chips! Dearest! I’m just popping out now!
Shouldn’t be long. Do you want some salt and

vinegar? I might call in at ‘the duck’ for one
while they’re frying! Shall I bring you a brown

ale darling? If Charlotte and Jim call, tell them
I won’t be long! I think Jim’s taken a bit of a

shine to you, poppsy!  Better keep him at arms
length!  Mind you, Charlotte’s very tasty! Not

as tasty as you bunnykins! Or would you prefer
a steak pudding? Tell you what! I’ll get a couple

of puddings and extra chips in case they turn up!
Right-oh! Won’t be long! Where’s y’purse baby?”

“Blast it’s raining!!”






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jack purvis

Tue 23rd Dec 2014 15:02

Amusing definitely

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 30th Jul 2014 11:15

OMG - what a wanker! Push and pull! ... and HER purse! How much time has he got! What a sod!

Really funny, clever work - but that poor girl.

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Fri 26th Oct 2012 13:04

Unique in its excellence,Well done!! A laugh in the bath.

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Katy Megan Hughes

Thu 25th Oct 2012 21:26

Loved the cheekiness and edginess in this! katy

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Lynn Dye

Thu 25th Oct 2012 00:35

Yes, I enjoyed this too.

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Ann Foxglove

Mon 22nd Oct 2012 14:55

Enjoyed! Thanks!

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