LIVE AND LET DYE - A cyclist's riposte to dear Lynn Dye

I was cycling along carefully, mentally flossing,

When I saw straight ahead a pedestrian crossing.

But if you are uncertain what I am about,

Let me remove any shadow of doubt.


I refer to the facility supplied by the law,

That's meant to give sensible foot passengers the floor;

But by chance as it happened - and looking at a loss,

At that moment a pedestrian seemed ready to cross.


A quick look behind me (the highway was clear),

I slowed to a crawl and changed down a gear,

But the solitary pedestrian (there's always just one!)

Seemed to dismiss me (or was that the fun?).


Fiddling in pockets...examining a purse,

Looking like the victim of thieving or worse,

It was apparent to me that I was ignored

But as I cycled on slowly, I found myself floored!


Without any warning...did I hear a laugh?

The pedestrian ran into the road - and my path.

We managed to untangle - unharmed but in shock,

And tottered to our feet where I heard my knees knock.


The words that assailed me I recall to this day...

"You lycra-clad loony, you're supposed to give way!"




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Sun 29th Apr 2012 16:20

Enjoyed your poem and found myself chuckling. Thank you for brightening my day! Also, thank you for your comments on my poetry. Much appreciated. xxx

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John Coopey

Thu 19th Apr 2012 21:27

Hello All,
"I've got a horn on... bike"
No, really. That shifts the buggers.
Of course the reality is that I'm a cyclist when I'm on my bike, a motorist when I'm in my car and a pedestrian when I've got a puncture.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 19th Apr 2012 15:51

By the way - although my bike has a bell, I find it more effective to do an impression of
the Road Runner as I approach pedestrians from
You'd be amazed how effective a loud verbal "BEEP-BEEP" can be when a bell fails to
elicit any response.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 19th Apr 2012 15:46

I know that some folk have little spatial awareness of what's happening around them. I was out jogging once, trotting along the pavement and as I passed a pedestrian on the
side nearest the highway, he jumped violently, half-lashed out and shouted rudely at me. A
good example of someone totally unaware of his
surroundings, no doubt lost in his own little
world. Should I have shouted "Beware jogger!"
or perhaps (more fun!!) "Watch out, dozy-head!"
A numbskull (and there are plenty of them out there) needs a nanny...or perhaps a licence
to allow them to be out in public while unattended?

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Yvonne Brunton

Wed 18th Apr 2012 18:43

Excellent riposte, MC.You have driven me to verse (or worse)

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Lynn Dye

Wed 18th Apr 2012 17:34

Hahaha I asked for that one, didn't I?
Very funny, MC, love it.

(I'm sure you wouldn't zoom silently past me at top speed, missing me by inches on the towpath, the same as I wouldn't hover at a crossing and walk out at the last moment in a cyclist's path!)

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