For finding a nail the shoe was fixed.
For gaining a shoe the horse was available.
For having a horse the rider was on stage.
For involvement of the rider the battle was won.
For winning the battle the kingdom was gained.
And all because of the horseshoe nail.



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Anthony Emmerson

Thu 2nd Feb 2012 16:57

Hi Dave,

My, someone's keen! A neat example of how contemporary language can change the flavour of something so ancient and familiar. Simplicity becomes management-speak.


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Harry O'Neill

Wed 1st Feb 2012 20:21


I love using that word.

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Martin Peacock

Tue 31st Jan 2012 15:11

Not a lot unlike that game, 'Six Degrees Of Separation'. Or better still, the butterfly effect. Chaos is glorious.

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Sun 29th Jan 2012 22:04

You're quick of the blocks. I'm still scratching my head. I've had a couple of stabs but nothing poetic is coming out of me. Perhaps I need to sleep on it.

Well done you - this reminds me of the house that Jack built.

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Chris Co

Sun 29th Jan 2012 21:48

Mathmatically known as the butterfly effect.
The truth that initial conditions/variables small or not can have a profound or even determining effect.

It in part explains the nature of our universe.


My best


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John Coopey

Sun 29th Jan 2012 21:43

We often forget that we all contribute in some measure.
The story goes that a President of the US was visiting Cape Canavarel. He met the toilet cleaner and asked him what his job was. The man said "My job is to get a man on the moon".

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