Selby Abbey

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(I owe the redress) 



For the past millennium astride the clouds of time

Has stood the pride of Selby, iconic and sublime.

Older than York’s Minster, than that of Salisbury too,

Inspired by Benedict of France, and built by Abbot Hugh.


A house of joy and worship where choirs of children sing

But boasting royal heritage as birthplace of a king.

Holding fast through history, withstanding persecution;

Not least from those of Tudor times and Henry’s dissolution.

Enduring too the Civil War and rebuilt after fire,

As late as 1935 the Western Towers made higher.


The treasures found are manifold I could but number some –

The window spangled with the stars of family Washington.

Services magnificent, the organ booming Bach,

The pillars by the Western door that bear their mason’s mark.

The Maunday Money on display, once struck from Royal Mint

The Jesse Window’s majesty, the charm of Leper Squint.


When travellers know where you come from once you’ve identified

The one thing they remark upon: the Abbey – Selby’s Pride.

Long may it house its chorusing of sweet Ave Marias

To stand beside the timeless Ouse another 1000 years.

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winston plowes

Mon 30th Jan 2012 14:05

Hi John, As a Selby lad it's nice to see this tribute. Went to The Abbey primary School and was stood outside the Abbey on xmas day 2011. Its a wonderful place. Win x

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 30th Jan 2012 00:46

Selby Abbey might well be
An icon sublime
But this tribute contributes
To its place set in time!
I hadn't known of it before. What was the Royal connection?

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Greg Freeman

Sun 29th Jan 2012 22:45

The antidote to your previous one, John, and I agree - Selby's saving grace.

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