Prologue to a final solution (Scenes from a film unfinished)

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The piles of garbage were real
All over the top of the ghetto
To the nearby river
Almost as a replacement
For the fresh air
That sneaked in from
The outskirts of Warsaw. 
The piles of garbage were smudged
All over the truth
In a sea of panic
As the Police fired into the crowd
And two pregnant women
Were trampled to death.
Piles and piles were stacked up
In the background
As geese were filmed
Being taken to market
When in reality children
Were being shot for stealing eggs.
Piles and piles and piles
Of the strong and the dying
And the lame and the sick
Huddled in alleyways
Waiting for their Messiah
To rescue them.
Piles and piles of people
Shaking hand to mouth
In the cold of winter
And the sunset of June.
They were the many
Who were chained in the shadows
And the many
Who were trapped
In a dual imagining
Of forgiveness and despair,
Trapped in a ghetto
Like Alice trapped halfway
Through the looking glass
As the world stamped
All over them,
Before then turning its back

And the whistle in the wind
Went silent in shame
Before a train journey
To Genocide.

(Wrote for National holocaust day
and inspired by ‘A film unfinished’)

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tony sheridan

Wed 5th Dec 2012 12:28

Beautiful and moving. Take care, Tony.

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Antony Owen

Fri 17th Feb 2012 12:43

that third stanza holds so many opportunities of where you could go with metaphors etc. Its been a while I've stopped by mate.

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Tom Harding

Tue 14th Feb 2012 22:46

great poem.

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John F Keane

Thu 9th Feb 2012 14:57

That's a really great poem. Very compelling.

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Mon 6th Feb 2012 22:00

This is a tough subject matter to write about or read Andy. In fact, I think that every poet who's willing should try at some point to put into words the horror of what happened in those camps though - just so that we never repeat the same mistakes. Having read back what I just wrote, I realise how foolish it sounds. The same mistakes have been made and probably will continue to be made in the future. How sad is that?
What imbued the Natzi experience with such horror was the disciplined, organised, methodical way they went about it. The utilisation of humans as instuments to strip down and process. It is really hard to take on board that level of organised evil.

I commend you for writing about it.

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Anthony Emmerson

Mon 6th Feb 2012 18:08

Hi Andy,

Your comments and insight on my last were much appreciated.

I think you picked an even tougher one here. The "piles" repetition is very effective. A hard write - and a hard read.


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dorinda macdowell

Mon 6th Feb 2012 13:22

Andy: marvellous! - truly one of your best........Dorinda.

<Deleted User> (9423)

Sun 5th Feb 2012 19:12

very moving and thought provoking were know your talernted that goes with out saying need I say more x

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Cathy Bryant

Sun 5th Feb 2012 19:06

Painfully good poem. Thanks for that.

<Deleted User> (5984)

Sun 5th Feb 2012 12:58

Oh Andy, this is beautiful. I love the phrase "Alice trapped", it conjures up the feeling and the mood of the content beautifully. Your structure is a lot more clearer nowadays and I love your line endings, 'Messiah, shadows, crowd and ghetto'. I particularly like the word 'smudged' in the context of this poem, as it seems quite chilling. Beautiful. I look forward to hearing you read this out loud. xx

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Andy N

Sat 4th Feb 2012 11:32

cheers guys..

G - i must admit i am particularly happy with the change mid pace in the piece - its almost like a change in gears and is something i am proud of in particular.

Jeff - cheers also - it's not a hard easy piece to read and i am proud of the way it came out.. as i know i have said already - it wasn't a easy piece to write but am very proud off it..

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Jeff Dawson

Sat 4th Feb 2012 08:01

Great writing Andy, real, hard hitting, difficult to capture true suffering in words but you've done a good job here. I've put together some chords which I hope you think capture the mood you want to create.

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Gray Nicholls

Sat 28th Jan 2012 13:06

beautiful (if this is the right word) stuff. the change in pace halfway through the piece is stunning..

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