Ain’t Never Been So Precious

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Ain’t Never Been So Precious


I ain’t never been so precious

With owt I’ve pissed on before

As I laid it down dead gentle

On the bathroom floor

Cushioned with Cushelle

I waited perched on the loo

Already knew the protocol

Knew exactly what to do

With one line

I’d sigh ‘not this time’

And try, try again

I eventually decided this one were fucked

Weren’t showing me nowt but a flood of dye

I debated chucking it

But (and I don’t know exactly why)

I carried it to the edge of the sink

And before I could think

In a couple of blinks

There were two pink lines

And I cried

And I’m not sure why

But my fingers and toes tingled

With pins and needles

And my mind went into overdrive

Processing futures and fortunes and fears

I called him in like I had before

And as he loitered by the door for a sec

I guess he didn’t know just what to expect

Whether depression or elation

Celebration or commiseration

But I never really needed to speak

‘Cause I guess my grin

Explained everything

That we suddenly had

And through stunned tears

I just about managed to squeak

‘You’re gonna be a Dad’



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Lynn Dye

Fri 30th Dec 2011 21:28

Only just seen this one, Gemma, and love it! Congratulations. x

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Greg Freeman

Tue 20th Dec 2011 09:16

All congratulations, Gemma. It'a also a very fine, moving poem.

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Val Cook

Tue 20th Dec 2011 09:11

Congratulations and celebrations to know that You and Chris are going to be three.
Wonderful news Gemma,wonderful XXX

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John Coopey

Mon 19th Dec 2011 15:06

Congratulations, Gemma.
In 9 months time, and for the next 30 years, you won't know whether you want a shit, shave or a haircut.
But it's worth it.
Once again, congratulations.

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Charlotte Henson

Mon 19th Dec 2011 08:37

ah gosh, words can't describe how much i love this one <3

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