Pretty Young

Pretty Young


In a room full of people pissed up and more

She caught his eye over the sticky, fag ash floor

She looked pretty; young in her face not her clothes

She swore blind to him she were eighteen years old

Had a date of birth memorised if he cared to delve

‘Cause she’d been out on the lash

Since the day she turned twelve

And just six months later she happened to meet him

She were led up the stairs with a spliff and a cheeky grin

“Her skill defied her age!” he ranted in court

But still every other week he were ordered to report

To sign their grubby register and surrender his passport

One day the social dropped him off

At our home from no home

He arrived just the same as the rest of us

A single bag and all fucking alone

When you ain’t got fuck all that’s yours, you see

You guard it with your life

But he went and left his room unlocked

When he went out one night

They tore it up looking for stuff

They could flog or swap for shit

But he didn’t have owt worth owt

‘Til they stumbled upon it

A pile a papers about that girl

They waited for his return

Then fucked him up proper bad

The staff could do nowt but watch

Us girls was crying and screaming “Stop!”

But it was like they never even heard

The coppers came and cleared out his room

And carted away the lads

But he never pressed no charges

‘Cause it weren’t the worst welcome he’d had



This poem is based on real life events that happened in a Manchester young person's homeless hostel in 2003.







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Dave Bradley

Sun 5th Feb 2012 20:49

Blimey. I've been in a couple of hostels like that, though never as a resident thank goodness. Your poem has brought back the sense of hovering menace that I recall, and that a friend who was a resident described living with. Excellent poem Gemma.

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Mike Hilton

Sun 5th Feb 2012 20:02

Excellent gemma! Like Laura said you would be great performing it cos you've got a brilliant delivery style.


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Rachel Bond

Tue 31st Jan 2012 17:49

agreed with our laura.

very much top stuff, great read, sad story but real.well written x

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Laura Taylor

Tue 31st Jan 2012 13:02

Wow! I absolutely love this - bet it sounds great out loud too.

Raw, real, painful - right up my street. Fantastic.

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