Pillow Fights

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Is anything more fun

than a pillow fight?

Childlike, innocent, fresh, simple,

always ending in laughter,

sometimes in clouds of feathers

and parental protests.

You love the one you 'hurt'.

You laugh till nearly sick,

glad to be alive,

overflowing with mischief and glee.


Few things more painful

than the hissed venom of the 'grown-up' fight

lying on pillows of 'love'.

The end of day combat,

The slogging have-to-prove-the-point,

fight to the bitter end contest,

the eye-avoiding, sleep-robbing battle,

Striking the one on the next pillow,

With word after weary word,

hurting the person you love

in the place of love.

The I'm sleeping in the spare room fight.

A lie

because you lie and don't sleep.


Could but the rules of one pillow fight

apply to the other.

Feathers for weapons,

Hit but don't hurt,

No verbal punches,

love the one you're with,

fall on each other in joy.


Land soft blows,

while finding each other's eyes with love.



Maybe we need a mum or dad

to shout upstairs.

“What's all that noise?

Pipe down you two.

Go to sleep.”


PS Check out http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/gallery/2011/apr/03/pillow-fight-day

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Chris Co

Tue 10th Jan 2012 18:54

I like this, like the notion expressed.

Well thought.

My Best


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Cate Greenlees

Thu 24th Nov 2011 17:34

I agree with all the comments expressed here. There is an underlying sadness about this which is very poignant.
Cate xx

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Laura Taylor

Thu 24th Nov 2011 13:30

Lovely, poignant, great idea well expressed Dave :)

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Dave Carr

Tue 22nd Nov 2011 21:45

I think the juxtaposition is very cleverly done here. The second verse took me by surprise. Good sentiment. Pillow fighting - yes ( but keep the Ibuprofen handy)

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Lynn Dye

Tue 22nd Nov 2011 15:26

I love this, Dave, many good lines, and the idea is lovely. :)

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andy n

Tue 22nd Nov 2011 11:05

i really enjoyed this, Dave.. perfect for a 11am smile! cheers buddy.. Good to see you on Sunday.. Sorry didn't get chance to talk... A

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Tue 22nd Nov 2011 05:15

Love the idea behind this, Dave.

Words to live by...
'Childlike, innocent, fresh, simple, always ending in laughter'
'love the one you're with, fall on each other in joy.' : )

stella jones

Mon 21st Nov 2011 18:13

Ah..ahah..yes if only!

Wouldn't your ideas be lovely Dave?..my wise mum said never take your narks to bed with you..I do try to remember this wisdom..most of the time.

Feathers for weapons,
Hit but don't hurt,

Really like this..super poem.

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Mon 21st Nov 2011 16:25

This is lovely Dave - really lovely. The joys of married life eh? It kinda makes me glad to sleep alone - though I realise that you aren't necessarily referencing your own marriage - thanks for the link.

As well as liking the message, I like the way you have expressed yourself, the air of whistfulness about lost youthful innocence.

I love the play on words in the middle and that brilliant ending. x

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