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Vernon from Bolton way

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Oh Vernon, I was lost

Now I am found,

For coming to your

dirty town

Filled with bricks and mills

And cobbled stones

I find your face amongst the clouds

That shroud my house

And blanket us in plenty sheets of rain.

Grey smoke

Tucks me in.

Your face is back again.


 It doesn’t matter who you are.


You star of family fortune

Ill give you all our money, dear

And we’ll run away on your long legs

While Tess spins

her luxury ass on the dance floor.


Bolton, where they cant be arsed

Yet win a few cups at the Reebok

And no one really minds

And no one really cares

And no one ever fights


And I don’t see you here


Nor the water slides they promised.

You me and all the beatles 

that no longer live in the pool.

We can go swimming

at Rivington Pike

and laugh from  the car at the doggers

if we can actually find them.


Cos no one really minds

And no one really cares

And every body cant be arsed to

Have a passion or a fight.


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Rachel Bond

Sun 6th Nov 2011 16:17

horsey...i always did have a thing for those with big noses x

i saw his foot/handprints at blackpool. they were very big. ;)

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Sun 6th Nov 2011 12:05

Very nice poem Rachel.Vernon Kay! What a legend,eh? Haha. His horsey features are on display in my Daughter's college in Wigan where he used to be a student.The git's everywhere!

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Rachel Bond

Sat 5th Nov 2011 08:54

Anamoly: Eccentric anomaly, an intermediate value used to compute the position of a celestial object as a function of time

well, he is tall :)

thanks francine x

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Sat 5th Nov 2011 00:56

Ha ha - I remember passing through Bolton and heard stories... so can relate to some of this imagery from what I perceived... : P

Vernon looks like an anomaly though... from Bolton way!

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Rachel Bond

Wed 2nd Nov 2011 22:12

guitarnverse 4 doggers wipeeee

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Jeff Dawson

Wed 2nd Nov 2011 22:06

Nice one Rach, yes the general Bolton mindset is not to be arsed, keeps us chilled, most of the time! Wish Bolton could win a few more cups!

yes I can still be arsed and will be organisin a Guitar n verse 4 Doggers so will give you and Laura a shout! Great poem Jeffrey Vernon Dawson X

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Rachel Bond

Wed 2nd Nov 2011 18:11

thanks stella, i took the jarring verse out :)

yes 15th your on. crap date has been sacked so ill be there with nobs on.
you neednt have give up, 'grim revenge the night' is a cracking line

bye for now xx

<Deleted User> (6315)

Wed 2nd Nov 2011 17:09

Oh Rachel.....still laughing here, well done you I read it a few times and nuffin jars for me..can't wait for the performance and it better be on the 15th lol and yes they still have the venue at La Gondala too...I had a bit of batman but gave up..hold on a mo..

You thought the 60's
one big party,
an exploration
of sexuality, rarely
did you grim revenge
the night.

You can see why I gave up lol..x

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Rachel Bond

Wed 2nd Nov 2011 14:02

ste, i am a big fan of polly..i went to college in warrington where duffy did her music studies. i dont know what they taught her cos that coke advert was abysmal.

peter kay,paddy and them are ok but they dont look like vernon, swoon.

thanks guys x

ste the market is pants. they do sell pants, big belly warmer variety.

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Rachel Bond

Wed 2nd Nov 2011 14:00

laura how could you say that of our vernon, he is a cheeky cherub of the north ;)

yes jeff is far too busy dogging lately to bother to read my poems ;D

yeh last verse doesnt fit in...i might lose it. i should dedicate a whole different poem to my pakistani boyfriends really. all i can say is they were very keen and the white guys i know are just not (wxept jeff who is always keen to go up to rivvie :D :D

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Laura Taylor

Wed 2nd Nov 2011 11:35

Is that doggers line not about Jeff then? ;D

I really like this - always fond of references to local places and it reads like it would perform well. That last verse jars a little though - but I bet you can hear it in your head and it sounds bang on :)

Can't stand Vernon though. Would sooo smack him in the chops the smug little shit

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Rachel Bond

Wed 2nd Nov 2011 11:22

ps. incase you get vexed, this doesnt include you our jeff xx

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