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It troubled her how it had come to this. She knew each detail, each action, each thought, but it still troubled her.

As she fell to her knees, her woollen skirt became sodden with freshly fallen snow. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she wept for her lost love, gone forever from this strife torn world. Soon she would do the ultimate sin and follow him.

Collapsing to the snow-covered ice, she was lost, so lost and alone and filled with unbearable sadness. She became a white mass, as indistinct as a lump of frozen Norwegian ice.

Soon her body would shut down, as her mind had closed in, concentrating on one thought – death. To be with her soulmate.

Crying silently, she opened her eyes. The frozen fjord arced vertically beyond her blurred vision, filled with tears and falling snow flakes.

She heard the noise, not of this place, when the huge grey shadow soared over her desolate form trailing fire. Was it a Valkyrie coming to claim her?

A huge jolt shook her body through the ice as the burning bomber smashed onto the frozen lake, also dying. A machine of war in her death throes like the young Norwegian girl, part of the slaughter of another war but just as real.

Would the crew live or die like the evil girl and the blazing plane? Fate held the answers…






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