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Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?

I have friends who give up their seats on the bus

Just for me


Friends who say please before they take

and thank you as they receive


Children who run to greet me

then wrap their arms around my neck


Teenagers who make me laugh

with youthful adolescence


The copper standing on the corner of the street

whose presence nudges my conscience?

(Fasten your seat belt girl -  stay safe)


Elderly couples who walk together

helping each other to stay upright

(Reminding me to have a little faith)


The drunken fools who rely on me to get them home

to their husband, partner, or the wife

(Teaching me lessons on how not to live my life)


Whether a lover or a stranger

family or the neighbours

They say that friends will come and go

It's true...

and every single one of them

is strategically placed

for your eyes only

and especially for you



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winston plowes

Thu 3rd Feb 2011 21:47

These recent poems of yours Janet will appeal to a wide readership. Thats good! Win x

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Andy N

Mon 3rd Jan 2011 12:13

lovely, janet.. warm and funny (in a way) but has a personal touch i love!

top stuff x

<Deleted User> (7164)

Mon 3rd Jan 2011 11:47

Thank you both. You are too kind ;-)

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Mon 3rd Jan 2011 05:34

I like the last stanza...
Yes, everyone and everything makes an impact, however small.

Happy New Year Janet!

p.s. I just wrote a poem with the line 'for your eyes only' in it!

<Deleted User> (7789)

Sun 2nd Jan 2011 18:38

Belt up, Janet!! Some touching observations here.

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