Just a Synechdoche

One evening in the gloaming with the hour approaching late

I heard a sound, just ask my cat, he may corroborate.

I quickly went alfresco, thought I'd better take a look

A crowd of farmers gathered round to watch a donnybrook.


One farmer in pyjamas with a rubicund complexion,

Officious and unlaundered too, I thought, on close inspection,

Screamed words so execrable it made me hang my head

"Bugger off," I answered him, "You nasty slugabed"


He reddened more, demanding where I heard this sobriquet

“My bailiwick is language,” I began to say,

“I was just applying the accordant synecdoche;

Euphonious it was, especially if it gets your goat!”


The audience went bananas, with plaudit long and loud,

With swift volte-face I raised my hands to milk the cheering crowd

I bowed and swept an arm down low before a genuflect

My hubris was complete; I hadn’t known what to expect.


The ruddy man lunged forward to waylay me from behind

With fists clenched tight in anger and malfeasance on his mind

I heard “man on!” cried loudly by a sports aficionado

I spun around and held aloft my otiose red cardo!


My skill in diplomacy is something I misprise

So by some legerdemain I poked him in the eyes

He was implacable, impossible and vicious

And hence my disappearance was somewhat expeditious


My exile, I fear is from my own circumlocution

My life, although plenary has brought its retribution

My quandary as I hide out in a littoral bivouac

To change my life and limn a while or simply to head back


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<Deleted User> (7212)

Tue 21st Dec 2010 23:31

I can't have just one doughnut...

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Ann Foxglove

Mon 20th Dec 2010 18:57

Fabaroonie! (Bet that wasn't on your list!)

<Deleted User> (7212)

Mon 20th Dec 2010 18:42

Mega ! thorough entertainment :) B

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Ray Miller

Mon 20th Dec 2010 15:12

Many plaudits, Dave. And actually you can't have just one plaudit.

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Dave Bradley

Mon 20th Dec 2010 09:39

Amazing, Dave. Very funny and a surprisingly good poem considering what had to be stuffed into it.

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Greg Freeman

Mon 20th Dec 2010 09:33

Tour de force!

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Dave Carr

Mon 20th Dec 2010 08:41

All of the words featured as Word of the Day in Oct 2008 from the website Dictionary.com appear in this poem.

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