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God could have sent his Son

a million different ways.

But look at what he chose.

I'll tell you what it says.


It says open your hearts,

It says be generous and free,

Look outside your little box

That's what he's saying to you and me.


Mary was not respectable,

Pregnant before she was wed.

Open your hearts to unmarried mothers.

That's really what God said.


Joseph and Mary were homeless,

Knocking on doors for a bed.

Open your hearts to homeless strangers.

That's really what God said.


Jesus was worth an emperor's welcome

but he got the shepherds instead.

Open your hearts to the poor and despised.

That's really what God said.


If you weren't a Jew you were scum back then,

but Eastern men by a star were led.

Open your heart to strange-looking foreigners

That's really what God said.


The Holy Family ran to Egypt

If they hadn't, they'd have been dead.

Open your hearts to asylum seekers,

That's really what God said.


Opening our hearts isn't easy.

The unfamiliar fills us with dread.

But recognise common humanity.

That's really what God said


I realize I’m committing two 21st century sins-

refusing to disbelieve in a personal God, and

having the temerity to believe I know what

He/She thinks. Disgraceful, I know. Mea culpa.

The pic of the iron man on Crosby beach here is

nothing to do with the poem but it's kind of festive 

and fun innit. 

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Sat 5th Jan 2013 05:35

I am not sure how I missed this one... Wonderful messages that if everyone took to heart - would make a much kinder and peaceful world.

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Elaine Booth

Tue 4th Jan 2011 22:40

It's not a complicated set of ideas (unlike those organised religion at times would have us believe) but you have put it in an accessible and very thoughtful way. By way of a logical argument - if one does believe in a personal god then by the very fact of that god being personal you have every reason to be close enough to "know" his/her mind!

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Lynn Dye

Fri 24th Dec 2010 14:53

This is really very good, Dave, and have to say, I agree with you, my God would be like this. xx

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Alvin Guinessberg

Tue 21st Dec 2010 10:11

If Gods were elected I'd vote for your God Dave but I'm not sure his/her principles would survive the inevitable coalition that would result

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Andy N

Tue 21st Dec 2010 08:23

nice stuff, dave.. im like ann christian but it's beauitfully wrote..

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Greg Freeman

Sun 19th Dec 2010 21:47

Decent, thoughtful, humane. Well done, Dave

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Sun 19th Dec 2010 17:50

Hi Dave - you encapsulate the then and now disparities of 'have's and have nots in society' summarised quite succinctly in your last poetry stanza thus: recognise common humanity/that's really what God said. Churchgoers or those who pray on the Heath would agree with you I'm sure. Nicely thought through

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Sun 19th Dec 2010 17:42

So you are telling me that is is his hand....pull the other one!

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Sun 19th Dec 2010 17:04

So I take it you are one of the 12% who know the bible story then Dave...

Lovely messages. I like the piccie also - though I might have preferred a different angle - at least the snow doesn't seem to have affected him too adversely...

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Alvin Guinessberg

Sun 19th Dec 2010 16:58

also a poem by Corso called Humanity

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 19th Dec 2010 15:37

Full of warmth! I'm no christian but it gave me a bit of a glow - thanks for that!

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