Respect means

if they listen to you,

you listen to them;

if they applaud you,

you applaud them.

Next time you are on your feet,

I will be on mine, leaving,

because voting with feet

is something you do understand.

It's just a stage set isn't it,

for your jostling and posing,

flaunting and jaunting.

They may not be as good as you,

and it is, no doubt, tedious having to listen

to lesser mortals,


but listen to the bloody poets!!!!!

Show them some respect.

Insufficiently motivated?

It may pay, you know.

I may not be the only person, concluding

that providing you with adulation

is a mug's game.


If the hat fits, wear it.

Though it would need to be a big hat.


◄ Christmas

Ruchill Park, Glasgow 10 a.m. 29th December 2010 ►


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Laura Taylor

Wed 5th Jan 2011 16:04

Respect for putting this up Dave

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Elaine Booth

Tue 4th Jan 2011 22:28

Not been to many such gigs but I certainly can appreciate what you are saying here.

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Sun 2nd Jan 2011 10:58

Hmmm - I'm not a part of this little club, (as I prefer written poetry) - so I can't comment directly, but I can indeed imagine. I reckon it's quite similar with the blogs in that some quite obviously post, but never read. Maybe they are to be pitied, as they dont know what they are missing as (IMHO) there's some truly talented postings on WOL. We're all different though & one mans poison, etc. Just recently I was reminiscing about school (hated it BTW) and one rather bookish guy (nice lad though) was always going on about Bruckner. I thought that as he was so passionate about it, that I must be missing something, so I listened to some (8 &9th) on YouTube by the Berlin Phil. & conducted by my very favourite - Claudio Abbado... and what a fucking racket ! And yet this guy loved it & it brought it home to me just how different we all are in our tastes. We're all human, but I think that that is often where the similarity ends.
[I've got a big hat anyway just in case :) ]

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Sun 2nd Jan 2011 08:49

LOL - this poem could be levelled at a few in the Tudor where the atmosphere is slightly less reverent than other venues. There are some poets older poets who even get up and leave once they've done their bit.
I personally find it hard to concentrate fully on listening to poetry for a whole evening, especially if the venue is well attended. That's why I like it when they restrict poets to one or two short ones and mix it up with music. The music needs to be good though and to not dominate the poetry.
Just to follow on from this poem Dave, it would be interesting to know how many people of the ones sat there attentive, are actually listening to the words...
For sure poetry attracts a lot of frustrated performers who maybe haven't made it in other performance spheres and enjoy the buzz of being on the stage. Mutual respect is important though and you are right to draw attention to it.

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Dave Bradley

Sun 2nd Jan 2011 00:38

Thank you for commenting, Philipos, Cynthia, and Greg and a special 'Happy New Year' and thank you to you, Francine.

I won't be saying who the poem is aimed at. If anyone thinks it isn't about them then it probably isn't, if they think it is about them, then perhaps it is -

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Sat 1st Jan 2011 22:33

Wow Dave, I wonder who you are aiming this at...
Clearly a strong message, that performed, may give some a reason to pause, reflect, and perhaps show some respect! (Although they may be so wrapped up in themselves that they are totally oblivious...)

p.s. Je te souhaite Bonne Année 2011 : )

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Greg Freeman

Sat 1st Jan 2011 22:12

This has real venom, Dave, and knowing you are a really nice guy makes me wonder about the recipient. Reminds me of Dylan's Positively 4th Street.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 1st Jan 2011 19:27

My word, Dave, what kind of poets do you hobnob with? It's a good rant, with a very valid point as says Philipos.

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Sat 1st Jan 2011 17:58

I think it was Wilfred Owen who said that Poet's warn - your poem makes a good point

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