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Lines on Picasso's APERITIF


slim flower head

red pollen bold

erect on scarlet stalk

whispering scented smoke

green breath absinthe moist

wormwood curled


the perfumed whiff of rosy cunt

pressed at bay


between satin thighs

more sleek than silken stockings garter strapped

tantalizing roads to mossy fields



arm like a swan’s neck


conducting conversations

her way

pulling and pushing the lusts of men

and women

with her acrobatic words

grinding mince

out of reasoned philosophies


she balances the tray surely

the  phallic bottle and the open-lipped glass

upon her  palm spread

braced against one sturdy ham

crossed over


Cynthia Buell Thomas

women about women

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Elaine Booth

Mon 8th Nov 2010 22:06

Some stunning images, Cynthia. The use of "mince" and "ham" is interesting - emphasises the fleshiness, the raw physicality of sexuality. Echoes the edge of violence and sensuality which is certainly to be found in Picasso's work. Good not to have the image up - I sometimes think that images posted with poems can get in the way of the reader's own response.

<Deleted User> (8043)

Tue 26th Oct 2010 02:05

I felt that the second stanza was the strongest, but then, I am very fond of my showing not telling, so perhaps i simply like the mysticism of the imagery in that stanza.

Fantastic poem.

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Sat 23rd Oct 2010 21:16

I demand to see the picture Cynth!

A very erotic picture you have drawn here. Only you can put 'perfumed wiff of rosy cunt' into a poem and get away with it. If you were to have added pungent you probably wouldn't have, even though it would have 'alliterated'.

I love the depiction of strong women, comfortable in their skin so this appeals to me. I like the 'sturdy ham' you finish with also - it portrays a substantial woman - oozing with life and presence.

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Ray Miller

Thu 21st Oct 2010 19:33

I think this is very, very good.
"more sleek than silken stockings garter strapped" is one of several great lines. I liked the 3rd verse best, funnily enough. To quibble just a little, I think "red bold pollen" would be better.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 21st Oct 2010 17:41

Simply can't find whether she was drinking green Pernod or blue Suze; either 'drink' works beautifully in the poetic scheme. Tonight it is the 'blue' drink which rather hitches on well to 'smoky blue atmosphere'.

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Laura Taylor

Thu 21st Oct 2010 12:18

I salute any writing which contains the line "the perfumed whiff of rosy cunt"

also absolutely love 'absinthe curled'

Love the whole 2nd stanza in fact

<Deleted User> (7164)

Thu 21st Oct 2010 11:35

I'm not familiar with the painting either but that aside, this poem paints a damn good one by itself so i'm not even sure i want my vision spoiled by seeing the inspiration for it.
Well done Cynthia.x

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 21st Oct 2010 10:02

Thanks, everybody. I did spend considerable time on it. Win,the painting is called APERITIF. Francine, the spelling is corrected; I have always said it wrong. Paul, the brand was Pernod; the ingredient was absinthe/absynthe, but you make a valid point: I didn't SEE this in the picture, I knew it, and I concluded the shape of the bottle must be distinctive. The bitterness of wormwood also influenced the line 'absinthe curled'. So I crossed over the discipline of the visual only, and I did hesitate to include this reference. Is this permissible for such an 'exercise'?

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Paul F Blackburn

Thu 21st Oct 2010 09:08

A poem after me own heart Cynth. Particularly like the newly minted phrases such as 'whispering scented smoke'.
The only thing that jarred slightly was the reference to Pernod and Absynthe as Pernod was originally Absynthe.

<Deleted User> (7212)

Thu 21st Oct 2010 08:32

just googled it & I can't find the painting either, but it's still a damned good poem. well done Cyn. xx

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Andy N

Thu 21st Oct 2010 08:16

very well wrote, cynthia - not quite sure i get all of it without seeing the painting, but i can see straight away this is a well wrote poem indeed..x

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Thu 21st Oct 2010 00:22

Cynthia, voulez-vous dire peut-être APÉRITIF ?

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winston plowes

Wed 20th Oct 2010 22:38

Hi Cynthia, A good meet up at the BW with you. Thx. Now... I am being a bit dim here. Do you know the name of the painting (is it on the back of the card) if so, you can just do a google picture search and copy it onto this blog entry. I want to comme t on the poem too but will wait for the pic. :-) Win

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 20th Oct 2010 18:27

A lovely womanly poem! I have a postcard of Picassos's Nude Woman in a Red Armchair on my desk - I know it's not this image but I bet they could be sisters! It is nice to see that you are so mad keen to get this poem on here! I always feel like that but sometimes I get told off! ;-)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 20th Oct 2010 17:55

I will include the picture asap, but this felt SO GOOD, I wanted to share it. Maybe too soon. Perhaps some will know the famous painting. Thanks, Win. I enjoyed this very much.

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