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The Velvet Conversation (FREEDOM)

What do I want? What do I value?

                    What do you reject?

What matters to me? Whose opinions do I heed?

                   Whose do you ignore?

I no longer care what anyone thinks of me,

or my actions.

                   You realize, of course, that you have fixed

                   the anomaly of your state.

                   You are trying very hard not to care;

                   but you do, because you know you must.

The conflict distracts me utterly.

I want to be neutral.

                  You gabble.

                  What are you fighting for, so desperately?


                   Freedom is a chameleon goal.

                   You never arrive at what you really  think it really is.

                   Who would believe it, except the clear-eyed aged,

                   the idea of freedom in chains?

                   Or even more –

                   Freedom forges chains for its existence?

You gabble too, and puff yourself up

with your own eloquence.

However, I take your point.

                 End of conversation?

For the moment, yes. Thank you.

                One final word.

You always have the last word!

                Surely you do not think yourself unique?

No!  Well … yes … maybe.  Yes!  Definitely!





Cynthia Buell Thomas


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<Deleted User> (8730)

Mon 31st Jan 2011 15:15

Fantastic, I have written stuff like this myself, but not as well.

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Andy N

Tue 12th Oct 2010 08:17

Hi Cynthia; - I see your tag here, so have now placed in the freedom comp... I'll add some comments once it is all over, but in the meantime good luck x

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Mon 11th Oct 2010 06:57

You've lost your tag Cynthia. Perhaps you went back in to update something - you have to remember to input the tag again when you do that.

Your poem echoes what mine will - if I ever get to write it - freedom often comes with a price. Things are never as simple as they appear on the surface. Sometimes you just have to accept servitude and from the inside looking out, freedom is a bit of a mirage. Oooo nearly got myself a poem there - just need to say it poetically!

Your poem reads to me like a dialogue, fizzing with ideas and thought. I imagine you could turn your hand very easily to play writing.

Isobel x

<Deleted User> (8692)

Mon 11th Oct 2010 04:07

A Dialogue poem! I love these. I tried to write one once, in the vein of Fergus and the Druid, but it went a bit pear-like (it just sounded hack). You seem to know what you're doing though, I love the 'chameleon goal'.

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Sun 10th Oct 2010 22:11

I'm not sure who exactly this poem is aimed at but there's a bit of all of us in this piece. In an introspective mood we'd recognize the ego within ourselves, in a foul mood we would lash out labeling others as the oppressors - ignoring the oppression within.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 10th Oct 2010 19:34

Hi, Andy. One from early days on WOL, but so appropriate to your theme that I've reposted it. Great topic.

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