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Little green men (Freedom)

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Come little green men,

you are needed

to fill our skies and eyes,

take lives and terrorise.


Come little green men,

make us fight you,

shoulder to shoulder with each other,

every human being a brother.


Come little green men,

make us forget

the million walls suspicion builds

the million graves our hate has filled.


Come little green men,

make us truly human

working together for common cause,

no more labels, no more wars.


Come little green men,

attack our freedom

and set us free.


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Laura Taylor

Wed 13th Oct 2010 09:56

Mmm...VERY interesting in light of our recent discussions.

I especially like these lines:

"make us fight you,
shoulder to shoulder with each other"


"attack our freedom
and set us free"

Thought-provoking for sure

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Mon 11th Oct 2010 23:07

Lovely to meet someone as un pc as me Banksy. Now - can everyone get on HIS case....

<Deleted User> (7212)

Mon 11th Oct 2010 21:14

no - lets keep the froggies (great food, great wine, great countryside) & give em the welsh - they won't be missed :)
Great poem Dave

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 11th Oct 2010 20:33

Interesting premise, Dave, very enjoyable slant.

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Mon 11th Oct 2010 07:04

But would we really get together to fight the little green men? Or would we decide that for the common good of the world we could offer them the french if they left the rest of us alone and went on their never knows...

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Andy N

Sun 10th Oct 2010 17:27

cheers for the entry, dave... i am going to do a you and not really comment on any until the end of the comp, but glad you wrote one and good luck! A

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 10th Oct 2010 08:58

But which are better? Loaves or little green men? Only one way to find out! ;-)

P.S. The little green men look sad!

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Sat 9th Oct 2010 21:07

We loaves hear you. Will pass on. Hail Great Requester.

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