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Served in Yemen, Congo, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Chad, Gaza, and Angola. Sikh and believe in my Communal Duties. Favorite poet Benjamin Zephaniah.


White brown browner burnt, and the eggs don't want to play. "Leave our effing shells alone" and "Fuck Orff" is all they say. The sausage has curled up and died. An ugly brown black mound. The beans in their tin can't help but grin the tin opener can't be found. Stomachs churning telling brain again and again. "Feed me you selfish twat." Brain replies "I hear you so." "Just wait a while." "Let the screaming go." It's the 18th of May, even the gas oven, refuses to play. A bloody stinking Bad hair day.

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 26th Jan 2011 08:26

Hey! Wazzup! xx

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 10th Oct 2010 09:00

But which are better? Loaves or little green men? Only one way to find out! ;-)

P.S. Do Loaves have the same problem as Daleks? Your loaf seems to have crashed into a wall - you need L plates! xx

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 4th Jul 2010 12:22

Hope things have improved since May 18th Crackling - it must have been very traumatic for you!

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Sat 3rd Jul 2010 23:19

Gremlins Gorn or sleeping Winston.

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Sat 3rd Jul 2010 22:35

Not even Country Life?

<Deleted User> (7075)

Sat 3rd Jul 2010 22:32

Welcome Crackling to WOL. Here's hoping that we are all sorted now. apologies for any gremlins , winston(Admin)

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