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The odd defeat of England or a victory abroad

Constitute the rare times when the Lion Rampant roared.


They suffer renewed expectation as the game unfolds

Ignoring the same narrative that many time’s been told

A glass of Scotch half empty though is always full of Hope

But falling in the same trap twice is known as rope-a-dope

Then fervour breeds hysteria if Scotland first should score

Making more exquisite still what Karma has in store.


The gold dust of their better days – Mackay, Dalgleish and Law

Mocks the wanness of today – so pitifully poor

Those warriors of yesteryear were made of sterner stuff

These boys today who wear their blue are just not good enough


Discarded tam o’ shanters and stilled pipes lament the pain

The Gods of Scottish Football have had their fun again

The Tartan Army leave the field soaked with a nation’s tears

We shall not see the Flower again – at least for four more years.


All that remains is gloating when England’s at last floored

A microcosm of self-worth – a nationalism flawed.





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John Coopey

Thu 27th Jun 2024 15:18

I seem to remember someone saying (it might have been Tommy Docherty) RAP, about that ‘78 team “They’ll be home before the postcards”.
Of course, it’s a brave man who knocks Scotland while England have been so abject.

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R A Porter

Thu 27th Jun 2024 07:42

Still remember “Allie’s Tartan Army” in Argentina in 1978 - they were going going to win it I think? Some never got home at all, but Allie and the team were home earlier than most. As a Man Utd supporter in the late 70s I had the privilege of watching Martin Buchan, a Rolls Royce amongst defenders, and Denis wasn’t bad was he? Didn’t like England much, although like me he lived in Stockport.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 25th Jun 2024 15:03

JC - I prefer the union but I'd be content to let Scotland have its say about that move, although I'm not exactly sure what their
currency would be even if the EU agreed. The "Bawl-bee" perhaps? 😏

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John Coopey

Tue 25th Jun 2024 08:34

I suppose you’re right, Stephen. I’ve heard it said that they underperformed. Nonsense, they weren’t capable of performing any better.
Next thing, MC, is they’ll be wanting to leave the UK ((Scexit). Mind you, as a Brexiteer yourself I expect you support them in this if that’s their democratic wish.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 25th Jun 2024 08:17

Mind you, John, there's something quite heroic in average players getting so close, even if they didn't get all that close. Oh well, Hasta la Vista, as they said in 1978.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 24th Jun 2024 19:43

Ironically fitting when considering how historically Scotland has
chosen European interest over that of its nearest neighbour.

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