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And now for something completely different ... Write Out Loud poets turn out nonet after nonet to mark World Poetry Day!

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We didn't know if it would take off ... but poets on Write Out Loud did us proud in taking up our challenge to write a nonet to mark World Poetry Day! We thought we’d invite our poets to try their hand at a particular, if not particularly well-known poetic form. What is a nonet, we still hear some of you say? It’s a nine-line poem. The first line contains nine syllables, the second line contains eight, the third line seven and so on down to one syllable on the final line. Or try it in reverse order - start with a one syllable line and work up to nine!

Our hard-working website profile manager and moderator Graham Sherwood, who’s always keen to get members more involved with our website, penned his own example to start the ball rolling. Here it is:



by Graham Sherwood


if you said you would ring, then ring her

she will be expecting a call

what is it that’s stopping you

are you getting cold feet?

in that case ring her

go on ring her

ring her now

ring her



He was soon folowed by fellow Write Out Louder, Tim Higbee. And John Gilbert Ellis provided us with three, all variations on a public announcement theme, with quite an undercurrent. Then came Leonidas, Angel Whisperer Indigo Child (two), Steve White, John Gilbert Ellis (two more), RA Porter, and Stephen Gospage, all adding theirs in comments below. Auracle added another on the blogs. 

There's no need to stop now ... just keep going, if you're just getting the hang of those nonets. But if on the other hand, it's a queston of no, no nonet ... don't worry, we're lining up another poetic challenge for you, just around the corner. Watch this space! 



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William Alderson

Wed 27th Mar 2024 21:32


A family lived here in a flat
Six months ago. I could show you,
But the photograph is burnt;
The block of flats flattened;
The family now
Gone somewhere else –
A graveyard
Or just

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 21st Mar 2024 08:21


When painting pictures in the quiet,
We are free to sit and ponder.
'Neath sunshine's gentle diet,
Time goes on a wander,
Exploring, for fun.
Through twilit sky,
Evening comes.
Paint dry.

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John Gilbert Ellis

Wed 20th Mar 2024 15:04

Parental Controls

So, is there another but tougher 
password to get you set up with?
Yes, how about I use my
favourite word chicken? 
Okay, you need a
capital. Make 
it chicken 

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R A Porter

Wed 20th Mar 2024 11:36

A lovely challenge - Stephen Fry would approve ... here goes:

The poetry tap

Sometimes it roars with a whoosh and a rush
A tumbling torrent, of flash phrases that gush
Sometimes it gurgles, with wheezing wet croaks
An intermittent flow that scarcely soaks
Sometimes it stutters, stops, drips
Barely dampening the lips
Don’t force it
The Poetry

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 20th Mar 2024 09:11

World Poetry Day tomorrow and we are asking for a late flurry of nonets as WOL’s way of spreading the word.

Why not have a go? How to explanation in headline text on homepage

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John Gilbert Ellis

Tue 19th Mar 2024 12:17

Someone said to me the other day,
if you eat a bacon sandwich
you can shorten life by a
minute, so making this
the real meal deal, each
time you decide
you're going
to try

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Steve White

Tue 19th Mar 2024 07:23

Standing on the shoulders of giants
We see further than others might
Hoist aloft by Orion
Longer then is our sight
But as history
Surely records
We are still

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Angel whisperer indigo child x

Tue 19th Mar 2024 00:53


Nine three times for an emergency
Eight a symbol infinity
Seven is lucky and odd
Six is nine upside-down
Five says time for change
Four sides, a square
Three a croud
Two as

Profile image

Angel whisperer indigo child x

Tue 19th Mar 2024 00:17

Beautiful leaf prints designed like hands

Natural art, earth given plant

Starts with a seed Nourished ,loved

Consistently cared for

The plant is you ,us

Leaf print, hand print

So unique

We are


Profile image


Mon 18th Mar 2024 11:39

Here's one in reverse:

there where,
It's unknown
Either now or then
In the land of “Know-where”
Where the Known never knows what
Or knows how the wind blows...or why
Some weather vane goes So, so. So, so...

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 17th Mar 2024 11:04

Come on WOL'ers, how about posting a nonet here on the news pages? Here's another I made earlier

it’s not very many syllables

in an upside-down pyramid

forty-five to be exact

to make a fine nonet

the problem is maths

and it’s easy

to run out

of short


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