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The call

O people of Allah/God hear the call divine  

Be not divided, for in unity, strength we find  

Pray, supplicate, let your voices be heard  

For Allah/God listens to each and every word  


Repentance awaits, the doors wide open wide  

His mercy abundant, in Him we confide  

Gather in numbers, in unity we stand tall  

For deliverance awaits, upon His merciful call  


Walk the straight path, guided by His light  

Easier it is, than straying in the night  

The time is now, to come together as one  

For in unity, the hearts become one  


The doors of return, beckon us near  

Angels and chosen ones, waiting to hear  

Turn not away, from your brothers and sisters  

Embrace each other, in love that glisters  


Join the way of your Rabb/Lord, with hearts pure  

In large numbers, let's stand secure  

Tests may come, but together we'll endure  

Hand in hand, steadfast and sure  


Pact of peace and justice, let's make  

No fighting, no hatred, no hearts that break  

Allah/God loves all, regardless of race  

Let's unite, in His grace  


Hold your tongue, speak words of kindness  

No judgment, no malice, in our minds  

For all His servants, equal in His eyes  

Let's be one, for Allah/God alone we rise  


So come, let's gather, in goodness and light  

To serve the Almighty God, with all our might  

Unite in purpose, in love and in prayer  

For in unity, we find strength beyond compare.

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Ghazala lari

Sat 2nd Mar 2024 05:40

Hey Newberry,

Thanks for your feedback.

Religion can never be forced upon anyone.
It's a test of knowledge and intelligence, who believes and who won't.
It's a decision we make, no one can force anyone to believe or not to believe.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 29th Feb 2024 18:44

I have no problem with people believing what they wish but it
seems to me that we are given brains that are too malleable in
infancy/childhood, not always to the benefit of those being
subjected to input from other other minds before they have
the opportunity (and added years) to form their own opinions
and understanding of the world around them - and beyond.
I am prepared to believe that we are subject to forces beyond
our capacity to comprehend and that we are on some journey
- perhaps to the stars - in whatever form that death brings.
Placng this in a single "entity" stretches my own capacity of
acceptance. We come back to the question...if there is a God,
then who or what created God? No wonder preachers, when
asked such things, reply with those high-minded words (wait
for it). "It is beyond our understanding". And since we don't know, it seems we create our own idea(s) of what is behind our
existence and this becomes a "religion". And so much suffering
has come - and still comes - in its name somewhere in this world.

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Ghazala lari

Wed 28th Feb 2024 12:59


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Ghazala lari

Wed 28th Feb 2024 12:54

Hey John,
Thanks brother.

Allah is the standard Arabic word for God and is used by Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews as well as by Muslims.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Wed 28th Feb 2024 12:53

Thank you Ghazala.
I'm afraid I have difficulty with the definition of my relationship with God (Rabb) as being that of a "slave", as I've seen it described. I much prefer the concept of "teacher" or "prophet".

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John Coopey

Wed 28th Feb 2024 08:46

I’m sure your God and my God get along absolutely fine, Ghazala, along with all the other Gods. It’s sad that we choose to fight for them.

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