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I'll always be here

In the midst of darkness, when light's out of sight,
When all seems shattered, broken in the night,
Just delve deep within, where your heart resides,
And you'll find me there, a constant by your side.

In moments of loneliness, when no one is near,
When friends and kin have faded, out of here,
Simply place your hand, tender on your chest,
And feel my words beating, trying their best.

For within your heart, I whisper inspiration,
To lift your spirits, embracing determination,
With each thump, a rhythm of resilience and might,
Guiding you back to the path of shining light.

When everything's lost, no gold nor silver to hold,
When business crumbles, leaving stories untold,
Lay your hand gently, upon your beating core,
And there, tinkers clank, bells of hope galore.

They chime for a future that's yet to unfold,
A reminder that your worth cannot be sold,
For I'll always strive to uplift your morale,
And guide you towards a future that will prevail.

When sadness engulfs you, grief weighs you down,
When remorse fills your being, wearing a frown,
Look deep within your soul, and softly speak,
For engraved in your essence, lyrics unique.

Songs of eternal happiness, carved with care,
So you may resist the devil's tempting snare,
No matter the trials, the sorrow you face,
Your soul shall sing melodies, embracing grace.

So remember, dear one, when darkness surrounds,
When despair seeks to keep you tightly bound,
Just turn to your heart, where I'll always be,
Ready to bring you back to the light, you'll see.

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Sat 9th Dec 2023 02:47

So true Nigel😄🌷

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Nigel Astell

Fri 8th Dec 2023 11:11

Inside a heart another will always be found.❤

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