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Turned Tables

The sadness that swells inside my soul

Is taking hold and I cannot control 

The pictures and memories that make me so blue 

I wish it was though I never knew

Why can’t you leave me alone like you’ve done before 

While I chased you all you did was ignore 

Now the tables have turned and you're crying for me 

When all I want from you is to be set free

You’ve done too much now, can’t you see? 

And because of this there will never be another you and me 

The more I pull away the more you try 

For when I look at you all I see are your lies 

And you refuse to let me say goodbye 

But this time is different I don’t feel the same 

And you look at me when you’re the one to blame 

You’ve done this to us you cannot deny 

Because all you do is cheat and lie 

This time was different I don’t want any more 

And of course karma is keeping score 

Of all your actions and all your deeds 

And all the secrets which made me bleed 

And somehow you still can’t see 

That you’ve lost me and you’ve taken my heart 

And now all I want is to be forever apart 

But the more I run the more you chase 

Trying to make it right and build your case 

Can’t you see you’ve done enough? 

I’m tired of trying and acting so tough 

Fighting for you while you let me bleed 

I just can’t understand why you don’t see 

That I’m not a warrior I am not that strong 

And you cannot undo all your wrongs 

And I am finally out of fight 

I can’t forget all your lies 

In fact I’m struggling just to see the light 

That remains for me in this life 

You left me to die you left me to bleed 

When all I wanted was to make you see

All the ways I loved you so 

And in return you only gave me woe

I cannot forget and it can’t be undone 

In your game of love you have surely won 

But at what cost and what price 

Was it really worth my soul and my life? 

Oh but you will never see 

And because of that we can never be

For I will never forget 

How you lied and how I bled 

And cried every night instead of slept 

All because of who you met and who you took to bed 

It’s not fair that I’m in pain 

Because you always act in vain 

But it is what it is and you can’t be changed 

You lost our love and you’re all to blame 

I wanted forever and you wanted to lie 

And for that I cannot remain by your side.



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