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Uncertainty is the only Certainty

I stepped back

So you may see things correctly

I didn't want my opinions to blurr your visions

Although you took a lot of time exploring reality

Which sure was like slow poisoning for me

Each day I'd die several death thinking what would it be

And there came such a point where I almost reached the end 

After which I just left things upto you

I accepted it as bitter destiny for me

But tides of time took an unexpected turn

Where tables started to turn in our favour

The lies and stories that blinded your mind's eye

Started to clear of miraculously

I was surprised to see this sudden change

Ay first I thought it's just another mind game 

For several weeks I didn't believe 

That things are actually unfolding in our favour 

Even today I'm a little hesitant to gulp down your loving apology

Am I dreaming or is it a beautifully crafted reality? 

This only time will verify when Tangibility is constant

Where I can see, touch and smell every bit of this story

Untill then I'm in a state of dilemma

Cos previously when I was cent percent sure of ourselves

Everything turned out just opposite of what was foretell

Though I'm happy as I can feel it to be true

But expectation hurts

and unexpected happenings is sweeter than anything

Not going with the flow anymore

Rather in prayers I seek guidance straight

Hoping to reach the same shore 

When time is right for me to be 

Untill then I sit here dreaming beautiful dreams

Love letters and words lovingly weaved

Keeping my heart happy and at peace

◄ Contentment and peace

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Wed 4th Oct 2023 14:28

Thank you Nigel 🌷

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Nigel Astell

Tue 26th Sep 2023 12:01

Eternal peace returns
His everlasting love
Keeps faith steadfast
Resolving and healing❤

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Ferris Ty Taylor

Mon 25th Sep 2023 19:15

Amy Winehouse/Sylvia Plath

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