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Contentment and peace

Contentment and peace

Showers upon me daily

Fills my heart with eternal love

Brimming divine hopes within me


This world is beautiful

Rich and vibrant 

Colours all natural 

The seas, the oceans 


It's an amazing feeling 

Early morning breeze 

Gently loving and caressing 

Showers of blessings falling upon me


It's God's love for sure 

That fills my heart with eternal joy

Life becomes a child's play 

When forces divine stand by your side 


The longer I live, the better it is 

Each day pours upon me heavenly blessings 

God and me are a one big team 

Success all mine, I win everytime


What's meant to be, it's happening

Love, laughter, thrills and happiness entwined

My heart beats like crazy 

With every breath I take and release


I wish to run to the gardens of bliss 

With people I love and those with goodwill 

Together we may reap all the good we sow

In moments of today, our love is pure 


Hold me in your loving arms 

As I melt my desires and lovely dreams

Living an enriched life 

In obedience to Almighty


◄ To each their path

Uncertainty is the only Certainty ►


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Tue 19th Sep 2023 23:30

Yes Nigel. It does😄 thanks 🌷

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Nigel Astell

Thu 31st Aug 2023 03:00

Peace brings us today
Giving us a world
To live and dream
Sowing seeds of love❤

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