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Youthful Days were the coming of age,

they were our salad days of outrage.

A time when lust took over us,

when we enjoyed each others touch or kiss.

Times when ambitions had not been realised,

dreams consumed our future mesmerised.

We ate, drank, and danced by day and night,

beauty was to be found in each and every sight.

Otimism reigned as depression had no name,

there was little to appease us or to shame.

We studied, failed, passed without much care,

there was not much that we would not dare.

I look over my shoulder at those youthful days,

as we basked in those glorious rays.

Maturity soon replaced such a time,

as our looks and life took on a new rhyme.

Those halcyon days can never be revisited,

as they are kept in memories invested.

We live but one life, which is soon over,

but our youthful days are now wrapped in clover.


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Fri 22nd Sep 2023 16:44

Beautiful Keith... conjured all sorts of memories and emotions as I was reading. Thank you!

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keith jeffries

Thu 21st Sep 2023 18:52

Thank you to all who liked and commented on this poem. I am now approaching 76 years old and am still badly behaved.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 21st Sep 2023 18:49

My wife and I still have teenage picture of our marriage on display and regularly play music of the time! 1968 onwards!

We all retain those halcyon memories but now watch our middle-aged children facing the same parental dilemmas as we did.

Thank you for the memories Keith. Stay young my friend


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Stephen Gospage

Thu 21st Sep 2023 16:55

A fine poem, Keith. The concluding line is particularly good. I still try to retain some of the child in me at seventy. Wish me luck!

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Manish Singh Rajput

Thu 21st Sep 2023 15:30

As a youngster, I always wanted to be an adult thinking that it'd be so fun. But, all the fun actually was in childhood and teenage years. Be it first love, first kiss, confronting a crush for the first time, group study, last minute studies, exams, results, friends and gossips.
I enjoyed reading this poem a lot, Keith.
Thank you.

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