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Many years unfold, and our last hours swiftly scurry

Family and friends gathered reminiscing on a life well-founded

Reflecting on this mortality, we decisively flame out in a hurry.

Pondering the may or may not have been, of experiences unsounded


In my final thoughts, I attend, again, each celebration.

Those cherished occasions change as we grow old, 

Happy times, often sadness that I forget to factor into the equation

All that glittered then was so precious, worth its weight in gold 


Those childhood parties when Mum provided the well-wrapped gift, 

Multi-coloured balloons, fun games, cake, and fizzy pop. 

Before dark, Dad would collect me on his way home from shift.

I would tell him every detail, as if the party had never stopped


In every adolescent heart was the Friday night dance

A glimpse of the opposite sex. That first kiss was a must.

Egged on, persuaded, I would sidle over and take my chance, 

Quickly scurrying, as she laughed, with unbelievable disgust


Adulthood finally draws, and weddings become the trend

Vows exchanged, this treasured love unites us all,

A witnessed union, two souls, two lovers, two friends

Soon my number will be called to register at City Hall.


Then baby showers, baptisms, and christenings 

Celebrations for the new lives that are born

Happiness abounds as our new young family is transitioning

Sadness, as older generations leave for a brighter dawn 


It’s midlife, we’ve seen them through their education

Subsequently, they journeyed alone, grasping the nettle

Finally, airward thrown caps, so proud at their graduation

The way forward is to continue testing undaunted mettle 


Retirement soon arrives, a life's work complete. 

Stories to share of those golden years gone by, 

Time to savour leisure, and kick up one's feet. 

Look to our future opportunities and fresh adventures to try


Baptisms and wedding parties, for us now, are scarce

Invites to Bat Mitzvahs or coming of age, not now received, 

Funerals and wakes for lost friends in empty chairs

We’ve cried more frequently recently, as we’ve grieved


In our twilight years, each day we cherish and hold,

Each stage of life is a unique and precious space.

The tapestry of our memories, the treasures untold. 

From youthful revelry of spirit, to wisdom's age of grace

◄ What happens in the hot tub, stays in the hot tub

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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 17th Sep 2023 21:24

A wonderful poetic journey through life J.D. 👏

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