What happens in the hot tub, stays in the hot tub

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It started very slowly

Then, it quickly got out of hand

Commencing, without warning

Without pressure or demand

It continued more rapidly

Then either could understand

It began with no previous forethought

Neither plotted nor pre-planned

Our feelings moved on so quickly

They caught us both by surprise

Wrongly, others may have supposed

This had been formerly devised

Soon those feelings grew inside

I saw a glinted twinkle in your eyes

We should have been more circumspect

Our next move was ill-advised

Yet we snuggled up much tighter

Then either of us thought we should

Our bodies, ever nearer

Then I thought or hoped we would

In the hot tub, In Flagrante 

Sexually hotter likelihood

I hoped my amorous intentions

Were completely understood

It seems we were both reading

The same book, same chapter, same page,

We both wanted to persist

To another level, a more intimate stage

Evolve from genteel petting

To a lustful, passionate rage

Suggestive whispering and talking dirty,

No way could I disengage


Soon, smiles were broader

Cheeks became more flushed

So much time for carnal congress

We saw no reason to be rushed

I felt the tingle of satisfaction

With this rising heat, we could soon self-combust

Our concluding orgasmic moment

Your last gasp, my final thrust


Reaching mutual heights of stimulation

I’d been unaware and unaccustomed.

Maybe later we might ‘bathe’ again

I won’t bring my wife, don’t bring your husband


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Kevin Tan

Mon 18th Sep 2023 21:36

Well Shameless Seamus, we don't spare the heinous!

(okay that was very bad of me, I should have typed with foreplay 😁)

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